we are all about kids


improving kids life, 

knowledge and understanding!

What kids are saying

We are partnering with area schools including Davenport North, Davenport Central and Rock Island High Schools as well as Sudlow, Smart, Williams, and Wood middle schools.  

Give us a call to help bring a youth summit to your school.  


Area police departments, health groups, community organizations, public officials, schools, business leaders. 


  • Reduce drama
  • Be a leader
  •  Call for help
  • Be positive
  • Stay involved 


What I  will  do to help

​Quad Cities Youth Summit - Stop The Violence - Keep Us Safe

  1. Learn it at home
  2. Learn it from friends
  3. See it on social media
  4. Revenge
  5. No money

Part of an overall comprehensive plan to reduce violence in our community.  We need kids to be part of the solution by helping us understand what is happening and helping make a plan of attack to fix it.  Our goal is to reach 1000+ Quad Cities students during the 17/18 school year.  



Why kids turn to violence