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Anthony Marcus Jones
 Born October 6, 1996
 Died August 10, 2014
Marcus was a fun loving kid who like many of you, he loved fishing, camping, football, basketball, playing video games, riding his bike, writing and wrapping to music and hanging out with his friends.
Marcus started his schooling at Lincoln Elementary, where he loved going and made many friends.  During his fifth grade he was placed in the talented and gifted program.  He seemed to enjoy the program until he moved on to J. B. Young Junior high, where the bullying started.  He was labeled as being “a smart kid” - “nerd”  It wasn’t long when Marcus’ attitude started to change as well as his interest in his future and he no longer cared about being in the program.  
As time went by his grades started to suffer and the group of kids he hung with also changed.  By the time he started high school at Central High, he no longer had interest in school.  Transferring to West High School didn’t help either as Marcus was slowly starting to spiral out of control.  He no longer wanted to follow the rules and dropped out of school.  Soon he was getting himself in trouble with the law and ended up in the court system where he was assigned a Juvenile Detention Officer.  
After getting into the court system his attitude started to change back to the better and he actually studied for and passed his G.E.D. classes.  Marcus was now looking forward to going to welding school.  It wasn’t long after he passed his G.E.D. when he was shot and killed just feet from our home.  Marcus never even got to see his G.E.D. diploma - it came in the mail just days after he died.  Now, Marcus’ chance to turn his life around was gone - someone/s had taken all that and his life from him.
My vision is to share Marcus’ story with kids (and adults) in the hopes that it will make a positive difference in their lives.  Everyone thinks that Marcus’ story will never happen to them but I am living proof that this can happen to anyone, even you.  My hope is also to keep Marcus’ name and story alive and out in the public.  To let the people who murdered Marcus know that we will not rest until there are convictions made.  While doing so, possibly we can change the life of even just one child for the better and keep another mother (and father) from having to bury their child.
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Awarded to a student that has achieved the following:

       1.    Attended a Quad Cities Youth Summit - Stop The Violence - Keep Us Safe -

              during the 2017/18 School Year

       2.   Has made a positive impact at their school to reduce violence.

       3.   Has submitted  a letter of recommendation from two faculty from their

              school explaining the positive impact the student has made. 

       4.   Has written and submitted a two page report answering the following:

            a.  What the student feels our community can do to stop violence

            b.   What the student has done to reduce violence in his/her school.

       Deadline for submitting letters of recommendation and report to be considered

       for award  is April 15th, 2018

       Recipients will be announced in May, 2018

       Send applications to:  Beyond The Baseline, 1540 W 12th Street, Davenport, Iowa

        52804 or email to garyt@beyondthebaseline.net

      Questions - call Gary Thrapp at 563-370-2449

​      Recipients will receive a $250.00 scholarship and a plaque.

Marcus Jones Youth Summit Impact Award