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Why is an education important?

The more education you get the more opportunity you have to earn money.  


Goal #1 - Get Schooled


  • Attend class regularly
  • Look interested
  • Be positive
  •  Ask for help when you need it 
  • Follow through with homework
  • Study with friends who are trying like you
  •  Make it fun
  • Take pride in your school
  • Show you care
  1. No Shows
  2. Bad Attitude
  3. Sloppy Work
  4. I don't care
  5. No Goal
  6. Giving Up
  7. Not asking for help

​Grade Killas

Strategies to up your grades

You a drop out and under 21?  There is still time.  

Davenport Community School Graduation Destination Hotline:  563-449-4196 

Call today to get back on track and achieve your high school education.